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Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team Services


Who We Are

The Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team (C/FST) is an organization authorized by Northampton County to provide consumer satisfaction services. Created out of the need for a reliable method of monitoring and reporting satisfaction within the mental health system, LVC/FST is a team of individuals who are either consumers of mental health services, family members of consumers, or those vested in improving the mental health system.

What We Do

We “listen to people first” to gain a better understanding of what is working, what may need to be developed, and what may need to be changed, to increase consumer satisfaction.

Through regularly scheduled visits and telephone communications, we compile information regarding each individual's level of satisfaction, and report our findings to service providers, counties, and their appointed representatives, so that services may be adapted to better fit an individual's needs.

“Consumer/Family Satisfaction Teams provide valuable information to the primary contractor, behavioral-health managed-care organization, and the provider network through early identification of problems and recommendation for resolution. These activities also provide a further check to ensure that the system of care is consistent with the principles of the Community Support Program, the Child and Adolescent Service System Program and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Principles.”

PA Healthchoices- Capital RFP

Our Mission Statement

"We listen closely to consumers and families to collect information and report on their level of satisfaction with their services, in order to achieve a better understanding of what is working and what may need to be changed to improve consumer satisfaction."

Our Vision

The vision of the C/FST is to have a behavioral-healthcare system that includes the consumer in every level of the design, implementation, and oversight of the programs within that system, and to see consumers taking a more active role in these processes through increased communication between consumers, service providers, family members, and county and state offices.

This project is funded, in part, under contracts with Northampton County Department of Human Services, through funds provided by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.


  • Visits consumers at a place and time convenient to each individual
  • Responds to calls from families and consumers
  • Takes a whole-life approach to consumer satisfaction services by accepting input from family members and significant others regarding quality of life and service issues
  • Meets with representatives of the Office of Mental Health
  • Meets with service providers, including case managers and
    community treatment teams
  • Encourages individuals to become more involved in their own treatment
  • Evaluates the Northampton County Office of Mental Health and their appointed representatives, in their response to issues brought forth by C/FST
  • Assists with resources based on the need as identified by the consumer and/or family member

Recovery Partnership
Lehigh Valley Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team, Inc.
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Bethlehem, PA 1801

Phone: (610) 861-2741
Fax:      (610) 861-2781

Recovery Partnership's Office Hours
Monday through Friday
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